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AP.99 4924-909 CAMPOS, V.N.CERVEIRA 

Country: Portugal



Contact person: Abel Coelho


Phone: +351 251 708 200


Lead-time: Depends on chosen fabric, usually around 6-8 weeks 


Oeko-Tex Standard 100, GRS, BCI, GOTS, OCS, REACH, STEP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Sustainable Company Profile 

When it comes to sustainability, for us at Tintex it is not a choice or an imposed path, but the pavement of our Journey, our DNA, who we are at our very core. It is embeded in all of our creative and production processes, in our Collection and above all, in ourselves. 

With all the initiatives taken in renewable energy, effluent management and energetic savings, the total environmental impact had a drastic reduction over the last year.  


Tintex’s effluent management successfully recycles or reuses 98% of all production materials.

The only non- recyclable waste is general urban waste. Everything else is destined to be re-used. For example: the mud that comes out of Tintex’s biological water treatment facility can be used in localized agriculture; the textile waste is used to make rugs and cleaning cloths for mechanics. 


25% of Tintex’s own the energy already comes from 460 KW solar panels. The research has been non-stop for the past few years! The goal is to extend this research to our processes and machines.

On the past few months Tintex has replaced most of its dyeing machines with top notch new ones, that allow a drastic saving of water, energy and dyestuff.  


Besides all of these initiatives, Tintex rentlessly sources the most natural, premium quality fibres, in order to deliver responsibly beautiful products to its customers, where Nature, performance and fashion converge on a dazzling outcome. 

Customers will find Organic and BCI cotton, organic wool, Tencel from Lenzing, recycled fibres, and even cork coatings. 

Partners with Marchi & Fildi, Tintex uses their pre-consumer waste Ecotec recycled cotton, bringing a new life and beauty to waste from the textile industry. This wonderful fibre is the true mirror of circular economy and can be blended with other fibres to create uniquely beautiful, responsible fabrics.

Another truly wonderful ingredient to Tintex’s approach to circular economy, supported by a ground-breaking technology, is the unique B.Cork coating. It starts with the sourcing of pre-consumer cork waste, that combined with our high-tech processes results on a water based coating that uses a formaldehyde and solvent free polymer on any of our natural smart fibres

The result? A natural-looking product, with super soft touch that is both breathable and waterproof.


Tintex: for those looking to make Naturally Advanced Choices. 


To book a visit with The Fabric Source contact:

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