Students are the employees of the future and it is very important that they have an extended knowledge on the challenges that the industry faces. We specialize in teaching programmes and lectures that provide the students with tools they can apply directly in their future. This requires that the students get an understanding of a product’s entire life cycle recognizing how the environment may be affected by the choices they make e.g. in the design phase.


Our teaching programmes and lectures take the students through the entire fashion and textile value chain, introduce the industry’s hotspots and provide the students with practical tools they can use when designing products in the future. A typical program would include the following:


  • Fibre and material introduction

  • Sustainable fibre and materials

  • Classification of materials

  • Hands-on review of different sustainable materials

  • Are sustainable materials the best choice?

  • Understanding the full life cycle

  • Hotspots and challenges in the industry

  • Introduction to different tools that measures a product’s footprint, Higg Index, EP&L, MSI

We aim to close the loop by being the bridge between knowledge and industry

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