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Seidentraum Peace Silk stock pictue partner at The Fabric Source Closed Loop Consultancy

Company name: Seidentraum - Dr. Matias Langer

Adress:  Karl-Friedrich-Str. 1, 04316 Leipzig

Country: Germany



Contact person: Dr. Matias Langer 


Phone: +49 341-3314052



Contact for more information


Sustainable Company Profile 

Seidentraum was founded in 2011 in Leipzig. The owner, Dr. Matias Langer, long-time managing director in the field of natural textiles and natural products, geographer and Waldorf teacher.

Seidentraum‘s offer includes natural textiles made from organic silk and Peace Silk from sustainable and ecological production. The main focus of our product range is on fabrics (by the meter), yarns, fibers and clothing for ladies and babies.


Peace Silk is the loveliest way to wear silk!


Out of awe of any kind of life, we support non-violent silk breeding and production. It makes it possible to complete the metamorphosis of the silkworm into a butterfly so that no animal has to suffer or die for fashion.

Peace Silk (non-violent silk, Ahimsa Silk) is manufactured under stringent social and environmental standards in India and is predominant certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).


Our range


The sustainable organic silk fabrics are available in a variety of qualities, from the light sheer chiffon to the hard-falling wild silk fabric. 


The yard goods are available undyed from stock. We are happy to fulfill the dyeing ing on customer

request in an OEKOTEX100 certified German dyeing mill.

Our partner for digital printing prints your design on every silk fabric - environmentally friendly without a single drop of water - with GOTS-approved ink.


Our quality


Our fabrics are woven from yarns derived from organic silk cultivation of tussah, eri, mulberry or muga silk spinners.


Our partners in India and Cambodia are certified craft businesses.

From Meghalaya we purchase 100% hand-woven organic silk fabrics from eri silk directly from the weavers. This project by Seidentraum together with GIZ enables women in North-Eastern India to earn an income despite climate change.

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