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It can be difficult to navigate the rules and legislation in the fashion and textile industry as they continue to develop. Closed Loop can support you in reviewing your existing policies and developing new written policies in areas with shortcomings. Specifically, we can help to develop your own chemical manual, supplier manual, code of conduct or quality manual. Going forward, we can support and guide you and your employees if they encounter any issues or challenges in the field.


Chemical Manual

Do you have a clear written chemical policy? Do your suppliers comply with REACH? More and more businesses insist on having a clear chemical policy before the formation of a contract. Get a customised manual for external use towards suppliers and business partners as well as for internal use providing a guideline to buyers, product managers and designers and use the manual as a tool to develop your chemical strategy.


Quality Manual

Which quality demands do you have to your products and do you know which standards they should comply with? Too many companies only put “highest quality possible” in their supplier demands. Get an overview of your quality demands and receive a written commitment paper stating your demands and wishes for level of quality. This can help bring down returned goods on quality claims among other things.


Code of conduct

Have you written down your principles concerning e.g. working conditions, anti-corruption and the environmental footprint of your company operations? At Closed Loop we can support you in developing a corporate social responsibility (CSR) manual on the base of UN Global Compact principles and NICE’s Code of Conduct, which provides a specific perspective for the fashion and textile sector. Based on your company vision and values we can support you in developing a Code of Conduct that reflects your company identity and strengths.


Supplier Manual

Do you have a manual containing your policies, processes and procedures to guide your supplier base? A thoroughly prepared supplier manual can support your suppliers in understanding your quality process and your social and environmental requirements and thereby ensure efficiency and minimize costs. Closed Loop can support you in reviewing your existing policies as well as develop a specific supplier manual based on your company vison and values. This means that all supplier relevant information will be included in one manual. Having one manual containing all relevant information will make it easier for your suppliers to comply with your expectations and the manual also serves as a contract.

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