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Company name: AB Linas

Adress:  S.Kerbedzio 23, Panevezys

Country: Lithuania



Contact person: Vilita Skersiene


Phone: +37 065800137



Stock collection – 1 week, basic fabrics – 2 weeks, other 4-6weeks

Certificates: Oeko tex

Sustainable Company Profile 

After three generations, our company is taking on a new challenge for the beginning of the 21st century.


We are in the process of a change of people thinking and behavior to use natural, ecological fabrics for home textile and garments, wisely use available resources and to choose best products. In order to protect the environment AB Linas development team have launch new project – special collection made from recycled yarns. The collection has been made using linen and recycled yarns combination.


These fabrics have special „double“ advantage: linen fiber is ecological by itself because it is absolutely does not leave any waste and when growing –  doesn‘t make any harm to nature and ecology. Recycled yarns, such us cotton from post-consumer waste, polyester from up cycled PET bottles are made without using any water, chemicals and generate zero CO2 emissions during production.

Transforming the global supply chain to reduce waste, recapture raw material and using flax fiber combination in our fabrics  – we have made collection which best contributes to sustainability.


Also from 2017 all AB Linas supplied energy is green energy, which mean that electricity will be supplied from renewable energy sources.


To book a visit with The Fabric Source contact:

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