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The Fabric Source is a sustainable textile library. The purpose of the platform is to make easy access to knowledge on sustainable materials; by doing so, we encourage the fashion and textile industry to act more sustainable and furthermore help them on their way to becoming so. 

The Fabric Source began as part of the Danish Fashion Institute (DAFI) under the Nordic Initiative, Clean and Ethical (NICE).


The sustainable textile library showcases the latest and most innovative materials that can be applied across the fashion and textile industry. With a constant flow of new solutions coming to the market, it is of great importance that we can keep our clients up to date at all times. Today, The Fabric Source holds more than 2000 different sustainable fabrics and represents more than 200 suppliers from around the world.


We offer one-to-one consulting at The Fabric Source to provide visitors advise and further knowledge about materials, material analyses and the big influence the choice of material has on the environmental footprint of a product. We customize our consulting based on your needs and challenges to make sure that you get the most out of the session.


“Sustainability is a complex field. It can be difficult to decide, where to begin if you want to create a more sustainable product. The Fabric Source is an easily accessible place to go and see a large selection of sustainable fabrics” Suzi Christoffersen, owner of The Fabric Source

Prices for Visiting The Fabric Source

Free one-hour visit

Does not include any consulting


One hour of consulting: DKK 550


Five hours of consulting: DKK 2.200

Can be allocated as preferred


Ten hours of consulting: DKK 4.000

Can be allocated as preferred


For student enquiries, please contact 


Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 10.00 – 16.00


Free one-hour visits is limited to Tuesday and Thursday


Closed Loop & The Fabric Source

Baghuset, Ryesgade 30D, 2200 Copenhagen N

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