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Cotonea stock pictue cotton collection picking partner at The Fabric Source Closed Loop Consultancy

Company name: ONG SEPALI

Adress: Varingohatra, Maroansetra, CP. 512

Country: Madagascar 


Company name: CPALI Inc.

Adress: 712 S. Palouse St. Walla Walla, WA 99362

Country: USA




Contact person: Catherine Craig



Lead-time: Contact for more details




Sustainable Company Profile 

SEPALI artisans produce unique, handmade silk textiles found nowhere else in the world. Crafted in the rainforests of Madagascar, our non-spun textiles are produced using a no-kill method that conserves vital rainforest area without harming silkworms or other native species. Malagasy farmers raise and harvest the silkworms themselves and refine the final products into shimmering, beautiful silk textiles that can be sewn, embroidered, painted, or made into jewelry or other goods.

CPALI wild silk farmers are raising native species of silkworms that feed on native trees. Producing silk cocoons, sewing silk textiles, and learning how to prepare insects as protein supplements are some of the projects in which farmers and their families are engaged.

CPALI’s sustainable livelihoods program seeks to connect people and resources in a mutually beneficial way. Through our work, we develop conservation solutions that are sustainable, inclusive, and driven by local communities. 

Locally organized teams of farmers cultivate native resources that CPALI markets abroad. Farmers are earning tangible benefits from the land that they steward while recovering degraded habitats and building the border forest of the Makira Protected Area.

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