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Company name:

Cotonea Inside/

Gebr. Elmer & Zweifel GmbH & Co. KG 

Adress: Auf dem Brühl 1-9   /   D-72658 Bempflingen

Country: Germany 



Contact person: Dirk Schulzke


Phone: +49-7123 - 9380-42


Lead-time: Contact for more details



IVN Best (stricter than GOTS)  /  GOTS  / fair-for-life (stricter than FAIRTRADE)

Sustainable Company Profile 

Our Energy
In 2016 we generated a surplus of 22 % regenerative electricity (from own water power and solar) than used in our own production. Including the purchased electricity from regenerative sources, the surplus of
balanceregenerative power of the Elmer & Zweifel Group amounts to about 58 %. 

The following table shows the details:


Greenhouse Gas Emissions
We mainly use electricity in our production. In our weaving mill (Czech Republic) also
in our own production:natrual gas is used (approx. 310 MWh/year resp. 29.000 m3/year). So, the surplus amounts to 50 MWh energy from regenerative sources (i.e. 10 tons saved greenhouse emissions). 

Greenhouse gas emissions and electricity upon finishing the surface. These finishing companies are in Germany and Switzerland. Cotonea cannot influence the quantity of their emissions, but the environmental regulations are high in these countries. All finishing companies, who are working for Cotonea, comply with high, modern technical standards – including methods of saving and reusing energy. Energy efficiency criteria are important upon selecting our suppliers. in our suppliers’ production:
Emissions with effects to climate arise by using natural gas,


There are no greenhouse gas emissions upon cultivation of organic cotton.

In Uganda and Kyrgistan no water is used in addition to natural rain. 


Packaging & Shipping
We are using recycled cardboard for our wholesale- and shipping-packaging and PE-film (recyclable) for the sales packaging. Our products are dispatched in cardboard-packagings from recycled
dardboard by DHL (go green) or DPD (total zero).Carrier bags are not used. 


The return-rate of products bought in our own online-shop is between 10 and 12 percent. 

Waste is produced in our weaving mill (less than 1 % of produced tissue) and in the
Waste in production:sewing-department. Relevant “waste” results from cutting the tissues, the quantity depends on the production-process


Our Suppliers
We are controlling the cultivation of our cotton ourselves. The Gulu Agricultural Development Company (GADC, Uganda) resp. the co-operative Biofarmers in Jalalabad, which was built up by the Swiss NGO Helvetas (Kyrgistan) operate the organic cotton projects. 


Fair Wages
Cotonea knows every company of the supply-chain. Each manufacturer/supplier in Germany, Switzerland
:and Turkey pays at least legal resp. standard wages. 


Nearly all our suppliers are IVN BEST certified. This is the standard with the highest ecological and social demands that can be fulfilled at present. 



Cotonea is „fair for life“-certified, a label of the Swiss Institute for Market-Ecology (IMO), belonging to the Swiss „Eco-Foundation“ »

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