Earth’s resources are under pressure due to an increasing consumption and a growing population.

The resources available are not unlimited and we must therefore use them responsibly by going from a take, make, dispose way of thinking, to a reduce, reuse and recycle behavior.

At Closed Loop we support our clients in the strategic implementation of sustainable development strategies with a strong focus on materials and the whole life cycle of a garment. We provide professional and engaged advisory services and have more than 10 years of experience in the industry and we are continuously seeking to broaden our horizon to the benefit of our clients. Closed Loop offers professional and in-depth guidance and analysis tailored to your company. Our services include among others: Knowledge sharing and education, analysis of your value chain including identification of hotspots for sustainable development, identification and classification of materials and the development of a fiber strategy, guidance on compliance with national/international regulations, development of manuals and policies in areas such as chemicals, CSR, quality requirements etc.

We aim to close the loop by being the bridge between knowledge and industry

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