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Engage us to analyze your collections and develop a material and product strategy tailored to your company. We identify environmental hotspots in your value chain and map potential initiatives in regard to lowering your products environmental footprint. An in-depth analysis typically takes 2-6 weeks depending on the company’s on-going work and range of collections. It results in an evaluation of current products and a number of recommendations on how to phase out environmentally harmful materials, technologies and processes, and integrate more environmentally friendly strategies in the short, medium and long term.


This can be a great strategic tool in your company. For example you can use it to develop a general sustainability strategy, identify new business opportunities, risk management and in your branding strategy that among others can serve to attract the best employees or appeal to new consumer groups. For the results to be viable, it is important that the implementation is done in accordance with the company's DNA and at a pace that makes sense on the bottom line.

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