We aim to close the loop by being the bridge between knowledge and industry

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Earth’s resources are under pressure due to an increasing consumption and a growing population. The resources available are not unlimited and we must therefore use them responsibly by going from a take, make, dispose way of thinking, to a reduce, reuse and recycle behavior.

At Closed Loop we will guide and support you in the strategic implementation of sustainable development strategies with a strong focus on textile materials and on the full life cycle of products. Up to 80% of a product’s overall environmental impact is decided in the design phase, meaning that the choices made in this phase may affect other phases in the product’s life cycle.

It is highly important to understand all phases of the value chain, to minimize the environmental impact through design and fabric choices. We serve as a collaborative partner in incorporating social and environmental concerns into your business in a successful and lasting way. See our specific services here.

Our services are always fully tailored to meet your requirements in order for you to reach your objectives.








Founder / Closed Loop


+45 5366 6766

Suzi Christoffersen is an expert in sustainable and innovative materials in the fashion and textile industry. She has worked closely with many Scandinavian brands and textile companies as a consultant on incorporating sustainability into their existing businesses. Through several years in the industry, Suzi has built a vast knowledge of the environmental challenges in the industry. This combination has given her a unique insight into the environmental innovations and business opportunities that lie within sustainability.


Manager of The Fabric Source


+45 2944 8696

Mie Tingsager Nielsen is one of the forces in The Fabric Source. As the manager, she has both dedication and conscious beliefs for empowering brands and designers with the best solution within innovative and sustainable fabrics. Her background revolves around fabrics. She worked as Chief Designer for several brands resulting in strong skills in all aspects within the supply chain. Mie is capable of providing expert advice, and with her visionary abilities and knowledge, she drives the future of fashion brands further into sustainability without compromise.

Closed Loop & The Fabric Source

Ryesgade 30D, Baghuset, 2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark

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We aim to close the loop by being the bridge between knowledge and industry

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